About us

Cut to Fit Closets is all about efficiency and effectiveness.

We offer custom wholesale solutions for all storage needs ranging from closets, pantries, offices, wall beds, mudrooms, laundry rooms and more.


Lean Manufacturing

Our focus is Lean Manufacturing. We have invested in state of the art machinery that allows us to efficiently manufacture your storage solutions at a competitive price. With years of manufacturing experience and insight into all aspects of the closet industry we are able to offer the highest quality product at the most valuable prices


Wide Range of Colors

CTF Closets uses the best materials and the highest quality components. We offer a wide range of colors in our laminates.
We offer multiple door and drawer profiles so you have a large variety of options. It’s simple, you sell and we fabricate.

We ship completed products ready to install. We have a slew of support and training available as well as many videos to help support you and your installers.

  • Best Materials
  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Large Variety of Doors and Drawers
  • Support and Training Available