Our Shipping

  • smart-packing

    Unlike other manufacturers, we package our components by section to make staging and installation quick and easy.

  • organised-crating

    Your entire closet arrives in a well-organized crate, with each section inside labeled and wrapped separately.

  • quick-installation

    With all components clearly labeled and sorted, you won't need to spend hours uncrating and separating everything before you begin your installation


Why CTF Closets?

  • wholesale

    Offering closet systems and storage solutions to local dealers

  • packaging

    All shipments are wrapped "by-section" to make installation quick and organized

  • fast

    Three week lead time for all standard finishes

  • quality

    All of our product is sourced domestically and meets the highest standards.

  • tiles

    Call to receive your free color chips. We also offer advanced sample kits.


Installation Videos

Drawer Installation Guide
  • Door Installation Guide
  • Floor Mount Installation Guide

About Us

Are you a cabinet or closet distributor looking for a partner to handle all of your manufacturing needs? Then look no further.

CTF Closets is a wholesale closet manufacturer connecting our great product to dealers like you. Grab a hold of our free marketing materials and access to award winning software that puts you in a position to win.. big time. Become a dealer to start selling a product that already sells itself. We keep everything from renderings all the way to invoicing right here online making organization easier than it ever was! So simple it speaks for itself.


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